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Posted on Monday, 18 June 2018

Commercial Cookery students participated in a butchery demonstration at RGIT Australia, Hobart campus on Tuesday, 5 June 2018.

The aim of the demonstration was to allow SIT30816 Commercial Cookery III students to witness a realistic, visual demonstrationon while fulfilling the requirements of SITHCCC014 Prepare Meat Dishes. The session was also hands-on. Students were given handouts of free range pork and grass-fed lamb into its different cuts at the start of the demonstration.

Operations Manager, Brian McEwan, and Hospitality Trainers, Peter Elliot and Kenneth Strong, demonstrated how to perform quality checks and record temperatures as part of the food safety program. Trainers also displayed hygiene requirements, knife sharpening technics, storage and packing procedures and allowed students to get hands-on practicing their butchery skills. Students were shown the quarter, primal and secondary cuts of the meat, and the butchery skills required to achieve the desired requirements for the industry. Trainers demonstrated and also allowed the students to practice frenching, larding, barding, tying and trussing, trimming, rolling, denuding, tenderising and skewering.

To reconfirm what they were being taught, trainers quizzed the students to point out the different primal and secondary cuts. With a hands-on approach, not only did students learn a great deal to the finer arts of butchery, but they were able to hone their techniques and skills and get a feel of what it is like to deal with the more intricate side of dealing with the whole beast.