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Posted on Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Sandra Marcela Vega Días recently celebrated graduation at RGIT Graduation Ceremony in Melbourne on Wednesday, 6 December 2017. We sat down with Sandra, an international student from Colombia who has been in Australia for three years, to talk about her experiences at RGIT and her plans for the future.

Sandra fulfilled her dream of moving to Australia from Colombia to improve her English three years ago. She brought with her over ten years of experience as a preschool and primary teacher, however, her qualifications were not recognised in Australia. After some months of unskilled work in Melbourne’s CBD, Sandra decided that she not only wanted to work in Australia, but she wanted to live in Australia, doing what she loves – education.

Sandra took a tour of RGIT Melbourne campuses with RGIT staff member, and also fellow Colombian, Andres. “RGIT is a young college, dynamic college,” Sandra remembers Andres telling her. “Maybe one day you could even become a trainer here.”
While working, Sandra decided to complete a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) at RGIT. It wasn’t an easy task, however, Sandra says it was all worth it in the end. After a lot of hard work, Sandra completed her Certificate at RGIT and has been able to move up in the world. Today, she tells me, she is very happy where she is.

Sandra celebrated at her graduation ceremony last week. A poignant moment for Sandra was the final speech by RGIT CEO, Chandra Yonzon. Mr Yonzon spoke of his own beginnings working in hospitality. He spoke of people’s positions in society, and that you can become anything if you put your mind to it. Mr Yonzon’s spoke of graduation as indeed a celebration, but not a conclusive in terms of students’ achievements. He said that graduates will continue to learn, with the ability to become anything they want in life. Inded, one never knows where one may end up. It was at this moment that Sandra said, “Yes,” reflecting on her own journey at RGIT, “I can make a difference.”

Sandra tells me When Sandra first moved to Australia, she was working in the building opposite RGIT Victoria House campus. One day in class on Level 4, she remembers looking out the window at her former workplace. She felt happy, as had she not started her studies at RGIT, she would still be there to this day. Gaining her certificate at RGIT has allowed Sandra to prove her compenency in her field as well as learning Australian practices and skills in childcare. Sandra is very much looking forward to what the future may hold. She looks forward to new opportunities, a higher salary, and new positions in life. Sandra hopes to continue Diploma studies at RGIT in the future. Sandra is looking forward to the challenge, and knows that it will open more doors for her, opening new job prospects, and new positions in Australia.

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