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Posted on Thursday, 26 April 2018

RGIT Australia staff and students made headlines when they successfully hosted their Student Culinary Showcase at RGIT Australia Hobart Campus on Wednesday, 4 April 2018. Prime time WIN News coverage of the event featured an interview with Hobart campus' Operations Manager & Hospitality Trainer and Assessor, Brian McEwan. The interview addressed the showcase, as well as Hobart campus' contributions to the state's thriving hospitality industry since the campus' establishment in 2016.

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Hobart campus' regular student showcases such as Wednesday's are designed to give students practical experience, the opportunity to network, and their time to shine for the state's most notable in the hospitality industry. Brian McEwan said in the interview, "This is why we have events like this - to bring industry in and come and talk to us." He also encouraged those in the industry to, "Tell us what you want, and then we can try and tailor our training to meet your needs."

Led by Hospitality Trainer and Assessor, Jean-Philippe Rene, students greeted invitees with carefully prepared and presented fruit cocktails. Together, they showed guests around the campus' state-of-the art facilities before returning to assist in manning the bar, serving drinks and clearing plates while talking with guests.

Opportunities to network with leading industry professionals at the campus' regular showcases are complimented with students' active participation at many industry trade shows throughout the students' training.

The menu included slow roasted pork shoulder which had been brined for two days followed by a spice rub for 24 hours, and then cooked low and slow for 10 hours. The pork was then shredded and marinated in its own juices overnight, reheated and served with julienne sliced vegetables and served with a jus. Sous vide salmon and fresh herbs on an asparagus and sour dough bread salad moistened with a white wine vinaigrette. The vegetarian was miso marinated tofu lightly fried and served on the bread salad.

Our students excelled with a dessert called egg beans on toast, lemon cakes brushed with lemon syrup topped with vanilla panicotta as the egg white and a dot of mango liquid gel as the yolk. The beans were made from marzipan and coated in an orange sauce coloured to look like tomato sauce. The alternative dessert Matcha tiramisu with the biscuits soaked in a Japanese plum wine syrup garnished with fresh cream, sliced marinated plums and lemon thyme.

Also included were fresh, oven baked scones topped with butter, jam and whipped cream finished with a fresh strawberry, as well as cream swans filled with crème patisserie and fresh cream.