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Posted on Saturday, 21 July 2018

RGIT Australia International Sales & Marketing Officer, Denison Tarsitano Dias, together with WEST 1 Austrália, organised an RGIT Barista Short Course for a class of Brazilian students on Tuesday, 17 July 2018.

Denison welcomed the class of fellow Brazilians, who were eager to gain hands-on skills to become qualified baristas in Melbourne. Denison spoke to students about RGIT Australia's wide range of VET courses, services and facilities.

Students were pleased to know that RGIT Australia's Brazlian staff are there to provide support in their native language.

To find out more about RGIT Australia's Short Courses, or to book a class, call (+61) 3 8639 9000 | Email shortcourses@rgit.edu.au | Visit www.rgit.edu.au/courses/short-courses.