Home Blog "The city which I did not expect much really blew my mind." Living and studying in Hobart
Posted on Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Gabriel Martins is a Brazilian student studying IT at RGIT Australia, Hobart Campus. We sat down with Gabriel to ask him what it's like living and studying in Hobart.

What was it like moving from Sydney to Hobart?

"I came to Hobart in December after living in Sydney for almost a year. In the beginning, I was really worried about the city and change, because I did not know much about Tasmania. Hobart is very different from Sydney or Melbourne - much smaller. However, there are many restaurants and bars where you can hang out with friends. RGIT Australia is located in Hobart’s CBD and there are many cafes and places to eat. Public transportation will not be a problem, and there are many parking spaces around the school. Everything is really accessible, including bushwalking, beaches and museums."

"Living in Hobart is much more relaxing and without any traffic problems. It takes 15 mins (by car) to get anywhere. The slow pace of life really fascinated me. It is possible to drive into the city and park there. Housing costs are cheaper than other Australian cities. Other good points are the lifestyle and cost of living. The city which I did not expect much really blew my mind."


What can you tell us about the job market in Hobart?

"I’ve been working in the abalone industry. It is a part time job, about 10-20 per week. I got this job after one week looking for job. However, there are many jobs in hospitality such as hotels and restaurants. I am electrical engineer and once I get a full-time permit to work, I think it will be easy for me to find a job in my area. In my area I have seen many jobs here."


What is it like studying IT at RGIT Australia?

"It is a great course which has focus on the actual market. The students will be ready for a job after finishing it. The subjects and assessments are fair and relevant. I am really glad I chose Hobart and RGIT Australia."


What is it like studying at RGIT Australia overall?

"RGIT Australia is a great institution where the staff are really friendly and helpful. The tutors don't just have a lot of knowledge in their fields, but are also enthusiastic about teaching."

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