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Posted on Thursday, 22 February 2018

Royal Gurkhas Institute of Technology has a cohort of two-thousand mostly international students. With most student living and studying away from home, this means an additional duty on behalf of staff and trainers. This, coupled with RGIT Australia’s priority on student well-being and welfare, means that all staff have their part to play in assisting students with all aspects of living abroad.

RGIT Trainers Have Your Back

Communications Department heard word of a student who was able to find work in Melbourne's CBD thanks to his trainers. We were invited to Ashwin’s class to speak with Hail Yuk, an international student from Korea studying a Certificate IV in Hospitality. Hail recently found a job in Melbourne CBD thanks to his trainer, Ashwin.

"I had applied for many jobs, but I was unsuccessful," says Hail. "Then, one day, Ashwin recommended that I try for a job at Krimper Café. I love it, because it’s a great work environment in a popular area, and it's in the hospitality industry which is where I want to establish my career."

"It was such a good opportunity for Hail," says trainer, Ashwin. "I always try to keep an ear out for jobs for my students, and I knew how much Hail wanted to work at this particular cafe."

Industry Experienced Trainers

It’s all part-in-parcel of RGIT Australia's industry experienced trainers. We asked Hail what he thought of his trainer, Ashwin. Looking back over his shoulder at Ashwin, Hail grins.
"Ashwin is a really funny guy," he says. "He's very approachable and friendly. There are many international students here at RGIT, and Ashwin takes his time to explain concepts and practices. He teaches information simply and concisely. He repeats and using different examples. Everyone has a great time."

Royal Gurkhas Institute of Technology : A Proven Track Record

RGIT Australia's strong track record of helping students find work in the industry is renowned. RGIT Australia, as one of Australia's leading vocational education providers, enhances students’ employability by providing the latest industry information while assisting them with interviewing skills and applying for jobs. Alongside the college's designated Work Placement Department, stand everyday trainers such Ashwin. Ashwin is just one example of RGIT Australia staff who go above and beyond to help their students. Hats off to Ashwin, and best of luck to student, Hail!