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Posted on Thursday, 15 March 2018

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All students strive for success, and in the hospitality industry, if you succeed, you can make it big. Dedicated trainers at RGIT Australia make sure that students have the confidence and the knowledge to achieve that success. We all know that one of the best ways to succeed is to learn from one’s own mistakes – and an even better way is to learn from others' mistakes.

Vivek Rajput is RGIT Australia’s Work-Based Trainer & Assessor with over 18 years’ experience in the industry. Vivek spent five years as a hospitality trainer, and has owned and managed three Australian restaurants for the past eight years. We sat down with Vivek to ask him how students can get the most of out the RGIT Australia educational experience, and how to achieve success in the hospitality industry.

“It all starts with what you learn in the classroom,” Vivek says. “Look at it this way; for the thousands of successful people out there, there are millions of people who did not succeed the first time. The key to success is learning from mistakes – whether they be your own or others’."


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Learning from Others' Mistakes: The Key to Success

"There are two ways one can learn from mistakes. The first is learning from one's own mistakes. This is the hard way. Making mistakes is nothing to be ashamed of, but it doesn't stop failure from being embarrassing and costly. The second way is to learn from others’ mistakes. At RGIT Australia, you can be sure that your trainers are experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of the industry. Your trainers, just like everybody else, will only have achieved success by learning from mistakes. The difference is, these are the mistakes from which you can learn as a student.

Use your time in the classroom to learn from your trainers' mistakes before you go and make the same ones after graduation. At the end of the day, 'how to make mistakes' is not taught in textbooks. Instead, students have to be proactive. This means don't be shy. Ask questions in class. Ask about real-life scenarios. Don’t be the shy student who is afraid to ask questions. Speak up.

Too shy? Ask your trainer after class. One of the advantages of studying at an international college is that you are surrounded by students from over 50 countries worldwide with trainers from varying backgrounds. This enhances the already unique perspectives and experiences of each student and trainer. One of the beauties of studying in Australia is the approachability of trainers. RGIT Australia trainers are testament to this. Just come and say "hi" or send me an email. Question me. Learn how to communicate and express yourself, and learn how to put yourself out there."


Trainers Are Your Best Resource

"RGIT Australia has great facilities – great classrooms, great books, learning materials, computer labs, projectors, recreation rooms and shared learning spaces. But none of these is more valuable than your trainers’ knowledge. That’s the beauty of learning hands-on, practical skills at RGIT Australia. Your trainers have been there and done that.

Consider this: Class is dismissed. You approach your trainer after class and have a quick chat for five minutes. The information you can get from your trainer in those five minutes may very well save you months or even years of making the same mistake before it all comes to a head.

This is the attitude other trainers at RGIT Australia and myself bring to the classroom. Ask for help. Don’t keep your questions to yourself."


Get out there: How to Get a Job in the Hospitality Industry

"When the time comes to put your knowledge to the test, don’t become just another piece of paper in a pile of CVs. Make sure you stand out. Be different. How do you do this? Talk to your trainer about what kinds of questions your potential employer will ask you. Do your homework. It can be something as simple as studying the restaurant menu. Talking for a couple of minutes about the restaurant's menu – a menu you've taken the time to memorise – now that, I guarantee, will help you get on the right track to success."


For more information about RGIT Australia's Hospitality Courses, you can visit our website at www.rgit.edu.au/courses/hospitality or email our Marketing Department at marketing@rgit.edu.au.

If you would like to get in contact with Vivek, he can be contact at vivek@rgit.edu.au.