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Posted on Wednesday, 01 November 2017

RGIT Work Placement Manager, Elle, visited Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) students, Trainers, as well as nine local childcare centres over a three-day work visit from Tuesday, 24 October to Thursday, 26 October 2017. Elle met with Trainers, Asma and Linh, and Kawssar from Administration in Cabramatta, as well as nine childcare centres to check-in with students who are in the process of completing the practical, hands-on components of their ECEC course.

On Day 1, Elle visited three centres providing work placement opportunities to RGIT students; Mary Grace Childcare, Honey Bee Pre-School, and Strathfield One Stop Childcare Service. Students' placements and centre facilities were assessed, with RGIT receiving great feedback from all centres. Students shared equally as appreciative feedback, thanking RGIT staff for their continued on-the-groud support. A second placement was also secured in Sydney for one of the students to complete their course requriements.

Day 2 saw just as much progress, with visits to a further four centres; Punchbowl World of Learning, Maria Long Day Care, Rainbow Cottage Childcare and George from Little Rei of Sunshine Childcare. Positive feedback was received from students and the centres, with the day also seeing a visit to Asma's ECEC Bankstown class, where together students’ work placements and class attendance options were discussed with Administration in attendance.

Day 3 saw a meetings with Integricare Childcare and Little Angels Kinder childcare centres, where support and assistance was offered, as well as a thorough explanation of student placement processes. Upon return to Asma's Bankstown ECEC class, students gave positive feedback in response to not only RGIT's assistance in coursework and finding required placements, but also to RGIT continued face-to-face support, assistance and check-ins. This visit comes just one week following the visit of RGIT head office to Sydney, where a RGIT representative met with students and staff at RGIT Sydney Campus, Bankstown, to provide work placement updates, discuss course delivery and graduation, and to receive student feedback over three days from Sunday, 15 October to Tuesday, 17 October 2017. RGIT Work Placement Manager is positive in her endeavour to secure second placements for all students whose requirements for hands-on training in the workplace are fast approaching.