What is #RGITConnect?

After successfully completing a course at RGIT Australia, our graduates go on to explore a vast world full of opportunities in their preferred field. At RGIT Australia, our intention is to continue strong ties with our graduated students. Graduates will have the opportunity to transition to alumnus upon graduation and enjoy the benefits that #RGITConnect has to offer.

#RGITConnect is a dynamic alumni community providing mentoring, professional networking, peer driven career advice and exclusive job leads.



  • To promote and encourage a continuing interest in and loyalty to RGIT Australia.
  • Bring together graduate students and the faculties of RGIT Australia to share their experiences with each other during social events such as the Graduation Ceremony, or being invited as Guest Presenters or to attend internal Professional Development Sessions.
  • Promote course work placements through graduated students working in reputed industries and companies in Australia and abroad.
  • Effectively employ suitable talents, and contributions of alumni to constructive ends for RGIT Australia.
  • Involve the members in the overall development of the college and society.


Benefits to #RGITConnect Members

Express your interest and your willingness to engage with your alumni community to grow your professional network and promote employment opportunities and events to fellow alumni and students. Keep your details up-to-date to ensure you stay informed about the latest news, special events, networking, volunteering and professional development opportunities.

Stay in touch - Email us at - alumni@rgit.edu.au


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