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Student Welfare and Support

RGIT Australia's Student Welfare Committee and team of student support and welfare staff in the Student Services Department provide assistance and support services to international and domestic students on a range of matters including general welfare and coping with change in lifestyle. Our student welfare and counselling staff offer confidential support services and external referrals, where necessary.

The Student Welfare Committees consists of dedicated teams that focus on the services available to assist students with their various issues, queries and concerns, which include but are not limited to financial difficulties, health, visas, lifestyle changes and homesickness. If professional services are required, such as psychological services, the student support and welfare counsellors will refer to the appropriate services. The committee are available as an on-campus dedicated team to support students and help with their needs. Where required, the committee will refer matters to the dedicated student services department who will assist students directly through their student support and welfare counsellors.


Melbourne Committee

Sanushka (Chair): Representing Operations

Rabi: Representing Operations

Dr Shisir: Representing Academic

Siddhartha: Representing Student Services

Kishor: Representing Marketing

Mahima: Representing Human Resources

Niru: Representing CEO'S Office

Prativa: Counsellor

Zeb: Representing Communications

Denison: Representing Student Alumni

Anil: Representing Hobart Committee


Hobart Committee

Anil: Representing Operations

Brian: Representing Academics

Rojina: Representing Student Services

Sarita: Representing Student Services

Johnpaul: Representing Marketing

Nabaraj: Representing Student Graduate Alumni

Sanushka/Siddhartha: Representing Melbourne Committee


How to make an appointment

To speak with our onsite student support and welfare officers in Melbourne, make a booking through Reception on Level 2, 28-32 Elizabeth Street, VIC 3000 or call (+61) 3 8639 9000 or email studentsupport@rgit.edu.au.

If you are in Hobart, make a booking through Reception on Level 3, 162 Macquarie Street, TAS 7000 or (+61) 3 6217 9000 or email hobartsupport@rgit.edu.au.

If you require psychological services, our counsellors will refer you to an appropriate service.


In Case of Emergency

To contact the police, fire or ambulance in an emergency, call Triple Zero (000) from any telephone in Australia. Calls are free. What is an emergency?

Discrimination, including discrimination based on age, race or ethnicity, refugee status, disability, sex is unlawful and is not tolerated at RGIT Australia. Discrimination and assault, including sexual assault, should be reported immediately.


Weekends and After Hours Contact Information

For after hours contact, students may call the Institute on:

(+61) 414 346 945 | (+61) 422 315 959 | (+61) 411 343 969

(+61) 404 944 167 | (+61) 420 794 982 | 

Email studentsupport@rgit.edu.au (Melbourne Campus) or hobartsupport@rgit.edu.au (Hobart Campus).

Student can also contact RGIT Australia CEO, Chandra Yonzon, on 0481 351 111.



Students can feel comfortable speaking with our staff in confidence. We want students to feel comfortable, secure and healthy during their time here at RGIT Australia and beyond. Students may contact RGIT Australia with concerns, feedback or complaints in confidence. RGIT Australia takes privacy very seriously and is committed to protecting students' privacy. This includes personal, health, financial and other confidential information, which is necessary for RGIT Australia to carry out its functions, including supporting students in times of crisis.

Student Support staff at RGIT Australia are on-site daily to assist students.

Support Officer



Admission and Enrolment Officers

Provide all admissions and enrolment related issues specific course related queries.

Bikas: Level 8 Main Campus

Raye: Level 8 Main Campus

Dean: Level 8 Main Campus

Monica: Level 8 Main Campus

Laura: Level 8 Main Campus

Andres: Level 8 Main Campus

Johnpaul: Level 3 Hobart Campus

Nabaraj: Level 3 Hobart Campus

Rashik: Level 3 Hobart Campus

Melbourne Campus:

Phone: (+61) 3 8639 9000

EXT: 182

Hobart Campus:

Phone: (+61) 3 6217 9000

EXT: 115

Student Support Officers
Provide academic and non-academic counselling to students and handle course related queries.

Grishma: Level 2 Main Campus

Henna: Level 2 Main Campus

Paula: Level 2 Main Campus

Fiona: Level 2 Main Campus

Denison: Level 2 Main Campus

Prativa: Level 2 Main Campus

Rashik: Level 3 Hobart Campus

Rojina: Level 3 Hobart Campus

Sarita: Level 3 Hobart Campus

Melbourne Campus:

Phone: (+61) 3 8639 9000

EXT: 121

Hobart Campus:

Phone: (+61) 3 6217 9000

EXT: 101

Student Liaison Officers

Provide language support by speaking in the same language (other than English) and dialect and understanding the same cultural values.

Fiona (Chinese): Level 2 Main Campus

Denison (Portuguese): Level 2 Main Campus

Monica (Korean): Level 8 Main Campus

Raye (Japanese and Korean): Level 8 Main Campus

Andres (Spanish): Level 8 Main Campus

Nabin (Nepalese, Chinese and Hindi): Level 8 Main Campus

Laura (Italian): Level 8 Main Campus

Leo (Vietnamese): Level 3 Hobart Campus

Rashik (Nepalese): Level 3 Hobart Campus

Johnpaul (Hindi): Level 3 Hobart Campus

Melbourne Campus:

Phone: (+61) 3 8639 9000

Hobart Campus:

Phone: (+61) 3 6217 9000

Accommodation and Health Support Officers

Provide student accommodations and health related queries.

Kishor: Level 8 Main Campus

Johnpaul: Level 3 Hobart Campus

Melbourne Campus:

Phone: (+61) 3 8639 9000

EXT: 186

Hobart Campus:

Phone: (+61) 3 6217 9000


Academic Resources/LMS Officer

Provide academic resources, eBooks and LMS support.

Sanam: Level 2 Main Campus

Binod: Level 2 Main Campus

Ravi: Level 3 Hobart Campus

Anil: Level 3 Hobart Campus

Melbourne Campus:

Phone: (+61) 3 8639 9000

EXT: 130

Hobart Campus:

Phone: (+61) 3 6217 9000

EXT:128, 105

First Aid / Health and Safety Officer

Handle Provide first aid and student safety support.

Shusil T: Basement Main Campus

Sujata: Level 1 Vic House

Vergeeniya: Level 1 Vic House

Sangeeta: Level 1 Vic House

Anjana: Level 3 Hobart Campus

Melbourne Campus:

Phone: (+61) 3 8639 9000

EXT: 103

Hobart Campus:

Phone: (+61) 3 6217 9000

EXT: 120

Academic Support

Provide academic support and counselling.

Peter: Level 1 Vic House

Sujata: Level 1 Vic House

All Trainers

Melbourne Campus:

Phone: (+61) 3 8639 9000

EXT: 102

Hobart Campus:

(+61) 3 6217 9000

IT Support

Provide IT support related to classrooms connectivity’s, computer labs, network access, Wi-Fi/internet connectivity, eBook, online resources or LMS related issues.


Rupert: Level 2 Main campus

Binod: Level 2 Main Campus

Ravi: Level 3 Hobart Campus


Melbourne Campus:

Phone: (+61) 3 8639 9000

EXT: 130

Hobart Campus:

(+61) 3 6217 9000

EXT: 128

Accounts/Finance Support

Provide students with invoice and fees related support and assist them by helping with payment plans, extension of payment due dates, etc.

Sheela: Level 7 Main Campus

Shreejan: Level 7 Main Campus

Jynusa: Level 3 Hobart Campus

Melbourne Campus:

Phone: (+61) 3 8639 9000

EXT: 176

Hobart Campus:

(+61) 3 6217 9000


Library Support Officer

Provide student support with library books and online resources available on our online library system.

Renee: Level 8 Main Campus

Tasma: Level 4 Hobart Campus

Melbourne Campus:

Phone: (+61) 3 8639 9000

EXT: 180

Hobart Campus:

(+61) 3 6217 9000

EXT: 119



Maintaining private health insurance is a visa requirement for international students.   RGIT can organise overseas student health cover (OSHC) for international students, the health fund we use is Allianz. We can also transfer your existing health cover to Allianz if you prefer. 

Allianz benefits:

  • 24/7 phone support (1800 814 718)
  • Interpreters available
  • health system guidance
  • iPhone app - find a nearby doctor using GPS

For more information, ask our Student Services team at Reception on Level 2 or call 8639 9000.

Local Doctors

Doctors in Australian are called “GPs” or general medical practitioners. GP’s see patients for basic health conditions and provide referrals to specialists for more complex health issues.

Personal Support Services

The following support services are free. They are able to provide you with immediate telephone-based counselling and further referrals to help you deal with your issue.

Be advised that 1300 numbers incur a local call cost. 1800 numbers are free calls.



Resolution Institute: Freecall 1800 651 650; www.iama.org.au


Places of Worship


Other Support Services

The following support services are free. They are able to provide you with referrals to help you deal with the issue you are facing.

  • Lifeline: 13 11 14 (24 hour counselling service)
  • Mensline Australia: 1300 78 99 78
  • Griefline (Telephone Counselling Service): 1300 845 745 (12 noon - 3:00am, 7 Days a Week)
  • Crisis Help: 1800 627 727
  • Direct Line (Drug and Alcohol Use): 1800 888 236
  • Crisis Contact Service (Homelessness Help Services): 1800 627 727
  • Safe Steps: Family Violence Response Centre: 1800 015 188
  • Gambling Help Online: 1800 858 858


Helpful Contacts (Melbourne)

  • Fire, Ambulance, Police (Life-Threatening Emergencies): Call 000
  • Hospitals and Medical Issues The Alfred: (03) 9076 2000
  • Austin Hospital: (03) 9496 5000
  • Royal Children’s Hospital: (03) 9345 5522
  • Royal Women’s Hospital: (03) 8345 2000
  • Royal Melbourne Hospital: (03) 9342 7000
  • St Vincent’s Hospital: (03) 9411 7111
  • Refer to Yellow Pages at www.yellowpages.com.au for services near you.
  • The National Translating and Interpreting Service: 131 450


Helpful Contacts (Hobart)

  • Fire, Ambulance, Police (Life-Threatening Emergencies): Call 000
  • Tasmania Police (Missing Persons): 131 444
  • Service Tasmania (Tasmanian Government Services and information): 1300 13 55 13, +61 3 6169 9017 (Overseas), visit www.services.tas.gov.au
  • TASWater (Water and Sewer Emergencies): 136992, visit www.taswater.com.au Tas Gas (Gas Emergency): 1802 438 427, visit www.tasgas.com.au
  • Aurora Energy: (Power Outage) 13 2004, (Gas Emergency) 1802111, visit www.auroraenergy.com.au




Medical Services

  • Royal Hobart Hospital: 6166 8308
  • Hobart Private Hospital: 6214 3000
  • Calvary Lenah Valley Hospital - Calvary Health Care: 6278 5333
  • St Helen’s Private Hospital : 62216444
  • Argyle Medical General Practice: 6238 8222, 1800 022 222 (After Hours)
  • North Hobart Medical Centre (Health Direct): 62310318
  • City Doctors & Travel Clinic: 6231 3003
  • Collins Street General Practice: 6223 3355
  • Davey Street Medical Centre: 6223 6223
  • Wellness Medical: 62311555

What’s On?

Through our website and social media, we keep you posted on all the exciting, student-relevant activities happening in and around Melbourne. Read Evolve, your student magazine, which can also be found in the library and recreation areas on campus.

Study Melbourne Student Centre

International students can take advantage of the Study Melbourne Student Centre (SMSC), a one-stop shop for all international student queries and concerns that is run by the Victorian Government.

Located at 599 Bourke Street, Melbourne, SMSC is a point of contact and referral where international students have access to a range of information about health matters, general wellbeing, legal services, accommodation, financial management and safety. The centre offers professional support and referrals to local services and community resources, crisis intervention, case work assessment and support in emergency situations.

Visit www.studymelbourne.vic.gov.au to find out latest news about student life and events in Melbourne. You can email them: info@studymelbourne.vic.gov.au or call 1800 056 449.

Living in Melbourne

Moving to a new country is an exciting, life-changing experience. Melbourne has been named world’s most liveable city four years in a row by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s liveability survey of 140 cities, scoring a perfect rating for healthcare, education and infrastructure.  For living and studying in Australia see our Orientation section.

RGIT Australia has a Facebook page dedicated to sharing relevant information with our stakeholders.

Link to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rgitAustralia/