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RGIT industry partners consultation

RGIT Australia hosted an industry consultation in Level 7 Boardroom, Main Campus on Friday, 29 June 2018.

Operations Manager, Sanushka Rajbhandary, welcomed all in attendance and outlined the aims of the program before a consultation brief was led by Nursing Coordinator, Vergeeniya SV. Department heads and industry partners discussed department requirements before lunch was served by RGIT Australia hospitality students.

RGIT Australia students gain skills to open own businesses

RGIT Australia is giving business students like Dollaya the skills and knowledge they need to open their own businesses.

RGIT Business Faculty hosts interactive seminar

Students and staff from RGIT Australia’s Business and Hospitality faculties participated in an interactive seminar on "Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace" in Level 7 Boardroom, RGIT Main Campus on Monday, 12 February 2018.

T4 Student Orientation

Both Melbourne and Hobart campuses welcomed new students at the end of September.

Students received information packs and had the chance to meet their trainers and coordinators.

Tales from Hobart: Balpreet Singh

Balpreet Singh is among the first batch of graduates from our RGIT Hobart campus. He received the Certificate III in Business. Congratulations! 

Joanne Rawson is Improving lives: One at a time

If we’re lucky, we may don more than a few different hats in our lifetime.
For Business trainer Joanne (or Jo as she prefers to be called), she has had an array of diverse professional roles in her career.

3 Successful Entrepreneurs who Failed at First

While we all know about success stories, we rarely hear about how some entrepreneurs failed badly in businesses before they hit the jackpot. Here are 3 incredibly successful business people who were rejected many times before they found success in their career.