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Students complete simulated business assessments

RGIT Diploma of leadership and management students participated in their Final Assessment Part C - Role Play for the Core Unit BSBMGT517, at Victoria House on Monday, 6 November 2017. Each student chose a topic from their business scenario ‘New Regional Victoria Call Centre’ BizOps Operational Plan they completed in Part B - Consultation process, Resource requirements, Risk management, Recruitment strategy or Monitoring processes.

3 Successful Entrepreneurs who Failed at First

While we all know about success stories, we rarely hear about how some entrepreneurs failed badly in businesses before they hit the jackpot. Here are 3 incredibly successful business people who were rejected many times before they found success in their career.


Our Domestic Campus has moved!

We welcome new beginnings as we open a brand new campus for our domestic students. 

Situated at 152 Elizabeth Street, near Flinders Lane, it is close to many cafes and eateries. This campus serves the VET FEE-HELP students, such as teaching to administration and logistics.